Tuesday, June 30, 2009

i dedicate my 350th view to every human being that had given me the opportunity to post their faces here.

after 5 days of continues updating .. ang GM's you've supported my posts about .. not my adventures but all of TCJ's stories

to all of you're never ending patience for me to finish a post . thank you . ill always try my best to entertain you. and let you be a part of this epic adventure of how WE kill boredom.

more post to come .. and i hope comments too. :D

yours truly,


F-A-B day

Fun Aggravating Blood burning day

Today I woke at the right side of bed... That’s by the floor. LOL.

Whenever I sleep tired I tend to fell of my bed LOL

I hurried up for school

We had our assembly

After assembly we went back to our room and had homeroom activity

Then we had our recess

During recess we were studying for a quiz

Then we had science

We had our reporting of collage *which I made by my self coz’ I lost the other one*

In our reporting loibert and mark represented our group

Loibert acted like a gay and kept on saying KONICHIWA LOL

Then many more groups presented

Then there came jana gyle shierra aimarie and santino’s group LOL

there were the F4tot*ef-fo-tot-*

We kept on laughing

Then we had Filipino

Nothing fun … we had a quiz. Then Mam. Gina announced that there would be a change *waste* of plan

Hate it our practice … so wasted

Then we had MAPEH sir, Gerome *Jerome?* substituted mam. Heroine

LOL so funny English

Then we had early lunch *20 min.*

LOL we didn’t practice well

Then we used our lunch time for studying for our MATH quiz

And prepared for our CLE play

Then we had our quiz in math


After math we had CLE LOL.

We were the first group to perform... Well nothing about us.

LOL we didn’t practice well

Then it was roselle’s group

LOL roselle acted like a blind man..

she said that "hindi ako bulag, hindi rin ako epilepsy" LOL

that's some grammar

LOL*her she is*

we kept on laughing

then it was lysette and ariel's group

ariel was boy abunda and lysette was kris aquino LOL

they really copied them very very well LOL

we kept on howling . their performance was unexplainable funny . from the text poll "text a space then space then send to outer space" LOL to boy's krisy .. LOL

the never ending KRISY

we laughed and laughed sir. pedregosa enjoyed it a lot

*here are some pictured of it *

LOL as you can see* if you could see it* there's a note in nezcel's blouse that says."butas butas and damit ko!"LOL

and at the back it saya " backless" LOL

we howled and howled LOL

after their presentation we were all exhausted

we started cleaning up

back to the boring class situation

then comes english

english today was boring .. we went to the speech lab and had some activity

then we had activities in geom. LOL

sir NIPS really makes his subject fun and easy

we were so hungry .. during his period .. crhyslene started eating already lol .

by that time she was also and always is the prayer leader. LOL

we then left the classroom with empty stomachs .. i bought a box of pizza and shred it with my class mates . then i went home :D

today was F.A.B

a steamy day

Monday, June 29, 2009

i woke up late today .. around 7 or something ..
i played jamlegends and stayed at home until 1 :00
around 1:30 i arrived at school
i saw my groupmates and ARIEL LOL
they were so noisy ..
and there was a problem .lysette was in our group .. and also in ariels group. but lysette went after our group. so we took lysette ..
it took us minutes before we seperated them . i said " ipaghiwalay ang unggoy .. bawal ang unggoy"LOL
then they settled . we went to leanne's MANSION then LOL
we fooled around that leanne's house was the crappy house by the street LOL
we then headed to her lair
we ate icecream.. first things first .
we sat at there entertainment area LOL
then gyle pressed something at the arm of the chair and the foot part rised .
she was shocked.. her face was unexplainably funny LOL
we kept on teasing her LOL
then i started writting the poem ..
we played with lysette's stuff and pass it around .. lysette tried and tried to get her stuff LOL
leanne had a nerf .. we aimed for lysette LOL
then we started making the actions.. when leanne steped on sheirra's foot LOL
we put agua oxinada in it LOL she wailed a lot
then later on edward and leanne started teasing gyle as TOBOL LOL
then gyle ran after leanne .. when leanne climbed the stairs .. gyle followed LOL
the gyle slippedat the first step of the stairs and fell down LOL
she hit her leg pretty hard LOL.
then we sat down for a while
we started playign with the nerf again . and hits the magazines LOL .

so fun !
then we hit the ps2 . GUITAR HERO AND ROCK BAND
we played for a while LOL.
i tried guitar hero...then shierra she played badly *joke *that edward played for her LOL
we had fun men !
then we played rock band .. edward on the guitar shierra on the drums and maricris on the mic LOL
then we practiced again . we kept on laughing .
the NGO NGO madness babe!
then we played rock band after we finished practicing .
after a round my parents arrived..
ughh. hush .
then we drove maricris leysette and andrea to the place where they could ride easier
then we fetched my sister.. from school and went home.
i started making the collage i lost .. 2 hours men 2 hours . and it sill looks crappy LOL

back hurts . arghh.
now i need to sleep. *knocked out*

hope you enjoy :D

brain blast !

Sunday, June 28, 2009


The term "gay cancer" was used 18 years ago to describe HIV and AIDS, but now new data from the 6th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections shows that a new cancer appearing at unusually high rates is affecting gay men and gay HIV+ men in amazing proportions. Anal cancer in men who have sex with men is now being reported at alarmingly high rates, and the rate in gay men with HIV/AIDS is even higher.

Anal cancer is very similar to cervical cancer in women, and takes the form of tumors or lesions that appear in the anal canal. Studies now show that the rates of anal cancer are much higher in gay men and men who have sex with men (MSM) with HIV. Eight of every 100,000 women will get cervical cancer. Compare this to the numbers for men who have sex with men: 35 of every 100,000 will develop anal cancer. (The risk in the general population is 0.9 per 100,000.)

Estimates of anal cancer in people who are HIV+ are even more staggering. One study shows that HIV+ people are twice as likely to contract anal cancer as HIV-negative men, and that as an AIDS diagnosis approaches, the risk of anal cancer increases further. As the immune system weakens, lesions can develop and progress.

HAART therapy may actually be the reason we are now seeing an increase in anal cancer. Cancer and tumors take several years to fully develop and become noticeable. Before the advent of HAART, people were dying before these lesions and tumors were noticed. Today, as new medicines are keeping people alive longer, new issues like this are now appearing.

i heard this from giro sator.. and i was curious was it real?! LOL

* this would be a new part of my blog where in i post ideas which are beyond normal LOL*

red day

i woke up very early today
how ironic.. i was supposed to wake up early tomorrow but i didn't.
now i woke up early even if i wasn't suppose to..
i went to school around 8 00
and found out that there were a racing for bicycles
they kept on saying that the person with their products such as popcorn and stuff should also join the race LOL
we waited for all the members and stayed inside the church and listened to the homily
after that we stayed by the high school gate and saw some racers cycling around when a when a bicycle with a sidecar also raced and turned his sidecar sidewards LOL we kept on laughing

we then rode 2 trisikad *i dunno the spelling*
while we were in the sikad our driver kept on teasing dan timtim as a gay LOL
he said he's wearign lipgloss LOL
and he calls him bayot LOL
our first pit stop was at lowell's house
we caught lowell there .. and he just woke up. he said he'll just follow.
then off we went to aimarie's house.
we roomed in circles before we reached aimarie's house.
we waited for her .
leanne started to crack some jokes.
the deal or noodle?
the difference and differences LOL
and MAS PUTI TO lmao
aimarie's father then drove us to my house
then we ate puto biko and sapin sapin.
we then started to be quiet and stared at each other a few moments then we started to practice
we noticed that many of us were wearing red shirts LOL burn

we then started 123 pass LOL
i was such a loser.
i lost 3 times .
by the end of few rounds
rina,kate and kristine were left
kate lost in the first round .. *put lipstick in her face*
then kristine lost the next round *put lipstick on her face*
rina was the last one .. and was suppose to be the winner
but that doesn't mean she wont have lipstick in her face..
then she ran to the room .. and we ran after her
there was no escaping .. she was also covered with lipstick .
then edward and lowell were the only one with our lipsticks on their faces ..
no exception LOL
we attacked them in the bed and put lipsticks all over their head LOL
then all of us went out of the room except rina ..
edward lowell and rina was left in the room ... LOL we kept on laughing
we shouted rape rape LOL
and when rina came out .. her shirt had lipstick on it
and also her hair LOL
all of us had it now LOL
we then washed our faces
at first we thought washing wont work . we kept on laughing 'cause it spread around our faces LOL
Dan said that he would tell his mother that he saw his crush and blushed .. that was some major blushing LOL
aimarie said that he'll tell his father that leanne punched her that was why her arm was red LOL
we then ate lunch we kept on laughing
our faces were so very very red LOL
we ate "nilagng baka" edward and lowell were eating the corn with fork and spoon LOL
my dad said that they should use their hands
my mom said "mag pakatotoo kayo" LOL lowell kept on laughing
my dad apologize for the space of our dining table "there were 10 of use and it was only made for 6 LOL"
dan aswered back "ok lang po basta may pagkain" my mom really laughed LOL
then they teased edward that he was rich 'cause he wont use his hands in eating the corn..
i cracked a joke and said" hindi man yan ka artehan .. ka ignorante lang talaga "
everybody laughed LOL
then edward use his hands.. then rina said " nag hugas ka ba " LOL then he used the spoon and fork once again LOL
we went to the snake after then .. LOL
after having lunch we practiced once again
aimarie and norisa was watching chalk zone LOL.
then kate kristine and dan went home
we then were so bored and sleepy we played a game called T**N**S

we had fun .. then we laid the banig on the floor and some pillows and watched ice age melt down.
we kept on laughing LOL
then we became hungry and cooked pancit canton ..
while cooking rina said that it's too much ..
with edward and lowell nothing is too many LOL
after eating we stayed in our room and talked to jana and shierra LOL
we had fun .
rina started to build some tower LOL
then aims.. went home
then norisa ..
then lowell and edward
then leanne
and last and always is rina
before rina went home we saw leanne's mother driving a starex so cool LOL
rina shared that her mom ALSO doesn't have the guts to drive around the city .
LOL my mom heard it and laughed *they are so alike .. walay guts paro i-guts meorn LOL*
then when i came with rina outside i saw so many ants on the ground and started kicking them .. after a few second they started bitting me . rawr. i burned them after that . LOL burn baby burn. the cement blackened LOL .. *'tas napaso pa talaga ako . *
we had fun lol

that wasnt just any practice .. it wasnt a practice at all LOL
that was one red day

from me

Saturday, June 27, 2009

i know many enjoy my posts
i know they love it LOL
i know they want more
but i cant stand the daily .. hourly.. scolding of my mother
i'll have to find a way to balance blogging with studying
can i do this .. that iamnotsure

everyday as my adventures pass away i really love reminiscing hte moments of laughter and sober
it seemed for me that our adventures in the class room is scripted 'cause its awesomely perfect
its funny, at the same time scary
teary, and other time just plain stupidity .
i also have some classmates who has blogs.. i guess it runs in the class LOL
like mark arlo segundo
and edward ray gido pagaran

but from all of this i enjoy blogging a lot.
i entertain people , and made them the star of my stories day by day.
this is not all about me . its all of us.
i hope i could continue this until i finish 2nd year or maybe until my collage days LOL
so i hope you'll always come with me and my classmates in our misadventures :D

yours truly,


cold saturday

i woke up with half of my body on the floor today.
i had some exercise before eating breakfast then suddenly i shouted " oh no !! "
i remembered that i have to go to school today .
i hurried up preparing and went to school.
i noticed there were like a lot of person at the church today.. and i wondered
then Rina told me that there is a multiple wedding at the church for today .
there were like 41 couples to be married. one them is poaline santos maid LOL
we also some of the brides in *tricycle* LOL
we were waiting for lowell when giro and miles decided to go to lowell's house.. and so they did.
when they came there lowell just woke up .
having his breakfast.
he said he'll just follow at rina's house. LOL
so we went off to Rina lanoy's house.
we drove through jollibee .. under the hot hot rays of the sun . that was one unwanted free tan LOL
our hair were like going nowhere cause we sat at the back of the pick up LOL
when we arrived at rina's house rina started playing the piano
we started brain storming about our play LOL
rina would be the mother and lowell would be the father
the story was elaborated even more LOL
we then transfered to rina's room and started typing the storyline
we had a blast. we also used celine's laptop *sowi sowi LOL*
we ate the burgers we bought then .
there were 7 burgers and we were six.
one burger was left
after eating we then had lunch .
we sliced the burger into 4 . and had it as our viand for lunch LOL
but lowell was not in the mood to eat cause he drank STING *tong yellow*LOL
lowell and giro had a problem.. that rina's mother might know that they drank STING LOL
we then .. once again went back to the room and started making the script .
we then watched poohkyaw in youtube. we kept on laughing when he said maybe ha misplaced his fridge ! LOL
after that rina started cleaning for no reason. touching everything she sees. LOL
then she found a album of her parents wedding.
we had a blast looking at it.
after few minutes i tried to make rina lanoy as my follower.. but id dont know her password . we tried guessing for it but we failed. LOL
we watched myx while making the script
and was so lucky to catch nobody on myx.
after a few hours there came the brown out.
we stayed out side and tried to reach the pole by rina's terrace LOL
rina cant reach it and lowell kept on teasing her
we ate tambis with suka and asin LOL. we stink
we then played sunka
rina and giro played first
rina lost for two rounds. then lowell tried.
rina won LOL . we really had fun .
lowell and giro had the song stuck in there head LOL
then giro tried playing with rina once again .. when i caught him cheating . i kept laughing and rina kept on wailing LOL
rina was pissed off and didnt play anymore when the electricity came back . off we go to the room.
we then continued with our business.
we had FUN.
rina's grandma offered us with sinulbot.
at first i thought it was "nilubot" LOL we kept on laughing.
then rina took some pictures of her cabinet when suddenly she broke it LOL
we didnt fixed it LOL
after a few hours of nonsense . we finally finished our sript.
we then watched dirty jobs.
and whenever i watch close my mouth tends to open LOL
rina started to curl her hair.
LOL giro tried copying jun pyo's curly hair LOL.
and lowell too. he straighten his hair.
we had fun.
then rina started playing with celine's hanky . LOL
she looked like a gangster we kept on laughing.
then when we were about to go home we started to practice the role play LOL
*watch out for the role play on wednesday *
we kept on laughing.
it was really really cold.. so rina hugged me .. sharing of skinny body heat.
then my heart started thrumming .. i cant breathe properly .
cause i am so not used of being hugged. so so not used to.
then rina started riding on my back LOL.
i cant hold her for long. not because she's heavy .
it's cause she very very ticklish LOL.
then we went home.
giro was supposed to be dropped to arnevels but he insisted to be dropped by the shell station LOL.
we passed by arnevels anyway but he didnt bother . i struck a punchline *utak bulinaw* LOL
then i was the next one to be dropped.
i was freezing for 12 hours at rina's liar . LOL
and is now not feeling good.
HOPE you enjoy. ill be back tomorrow anyways.

evryone's got talent 2

Friday, June 26, 2009

this is a continuation of the talents of our class by request i would be intoducing all of my classmates talents LOL

giro sator- the talent of making everyone look short
jana polintan- the talent of looking good with any hairstyle
chryslene sombilia- the talent of making a ball pen *titus* come to life LOL
leanne quilat- the talent of FREE cake
reven dela torre- the talent of making jana cry LOL
andrea sestina- the talent of pissing off people in the most silent ways
roselle roasales- the talent of believing in wooden snakes
lowell delima- the talent eating alot with out gaining fats.
monique carillo- the talent of surveying rina lanoy's viand.
gem escalante- the talent of evolving to the ugliest form of jun pyo
miles garcia-the talent of hiding her talent
loibert pableo- the talent of evolving to the manliest gay ever LOL
camille de la paz- the talent of whitening after one hot summer
joben calilung- the talent of composing a song about peanut butter and jelly
ibrahim radii- the talent of enduring a relationship*as enemys* with lysette LOL
fritzie nomus- the talent of being the clumsiest os all
chad morales- the talent of turning china into a continent *by rina lanoy*
edward gido pagaran- the talent of shutting people up by saying they stinks
bryan gimena- the talent of sleeping in class
JB domantay- the talent of making people uneasy by the sound of his name
alexis montederamos-the talent of evolving the dear santino to santelmo
karen abrea- the talent of being the reason why i cant finish this

hope you enjoy this continuation of every one's got talent
*special thanks to my groupmates in TLE*

everyone's got talent

dont tell me your ugly
dont tell me your a loser
dont tell me youve got no talent
cause i know ! LOL kidding

everybody got one
either you got the brains or the beauty or the stupidity LOL
here's what we've got in the class TCJ
lets start with the smartest LOL joke

ronald salibio - the talent to ignore
shania canda- the talent of public speaking
mark arlo segundo- the talent in balancing Dota and education
mary gyle manuba- the talent of being the center of attraction *atraction ba o samukon ?*LOL
rina lanoy- the talent of leading *katong lead sa pencil ?* LOL
rikka cantoja-the talent of making you nose bleed
beny bartolo- the talent of making us scream for billy
aimarie tablazon- the talent of making every body be amazed *either its her art or her house burning LOL*
venus arinzol- the talent of trasforming venus to saturn
dan timtim- the talent of curling his eyelashes LOL
shierra cubar- the talented BOA LOL
chloebelleguinto- the talent to make people anticipate for her next blog entry.*by maria rina lanoy*
riel pedregosa- the talent of pinching you till death
kristine dula- the talent to be pinched
kate rojas- the talent of being the smallest LOL
poaline santos- the talent of blocking mark arlo LOL
shun arip- the talent of perfeectly making a match *chriSHUN*
norisa perea- the talent of always playing the role of a teacher
lysette oquendo- the talent of communicating to animals LOL and making the whole class have stomach ache LOL
ariel litigio- the talent of existing with lysette oquendo
maricris otero- the talent of surviving the swine flu LOL
billy sales- the talent of giving life to the beny and billy supporters LOL
rose angelie-he talent of being organized
nezcel federizo- the talent of killing her necktie LOL
caryl blanza- the talent of an miss earth-worm actress
roi crieta- the talent of pissing dan timtim off
and many more .

sorry if i didnt finish the whole class but ill try to finish it !
brain so dried up.
all of it was just a joke LOL
but i was able to finish some special thanks to rina lanoy's support system *at pag pipiga sa utak ko *

ive somehow showed that everyone's got talent.

once upon a time

Thursday, June 25, 2009

“The Adventures of the Living Dead”
Brought to you by: LNMP © ™

Rina: One day may
Karen: babaeng mataba na
Chloe: siya’y nagngangalang Karen
Gyle: Kumain siya ng
Nasrifa: laman ng tutubi.
R: dahil may poison
K: at namatay siya…
C: dahil sa sobrang
G: pagka-sungak-sungak

N: pumunta siya ng
R: doctor at sinabihan
K: “may taning buhay,
C: dahan-dahan kang papayat,
G: mamamalayan mong patay
N: ka na pala…
R: na-shock siya kaya
K: kumain siya ngunit
C: siya ay nabilaukan
G: at namatay ulit.

N: napunta siya sa
R: empiyerno, nakita niya
K: si Satanas, ang
C: nawawala niyang tatay
G: the end pero
N: patay parin siya.


in memory of nasrifa langco . LOL

we had this game when we were in first year where in each of you give 3 words that is related to the first 3 given words to create one crazy story .

that was one once upon a time story

the disasters in a students life

i woke up today , freezing . it was very cold cause of the constant rain.
i dress up and prepared for school.
when i arrive in the classroom . they were playing with a toy snake.
roselle rosales has a phobia with snakes so they pranked her.
she went down the stairs and kept running .
when we were about to catch after her. she suddenly cried.
the poor girl cant hold it no more LOL.
then we were told to fall in line and bring our VALUABLES with us by our president.
i decided to come with ronald and shania to the principal to talk about our activity this saturday.
while we were there my classmates went off to the church to have the mass.
the principal DENIED our letter and wanted to talk to mam. selfa.
we were very disappointed.
we went off to the church too.
the class officers were told to seat in front.
jana and i were the only one who were left from our group to stay behind with our other classmates.
when suddenly some third year girls came to us and asked if we could change our seat.
we agreed *to show kindness* LOL
they were really noisy . and they kept on talking about chad morales LOL
because of their noise sir. jun sat next to them *jenny boy and accompany*
after the mass we went back to the classrom. jana and i went to the cr then
when we came back to the classroom there were a crowd by at rina lanoy's place.
and TADA for the second time her money was once again stolen .
for a few moments she cried and banged her head to the armchair. after a few she was kinda fine.
when roselle came in and cracked a joke abou trina being idiot and a loser.
well i know rina , and the look from her face and the silence she produce , i started saying NO rina wag . and there it went .. she cried once again.
maybe rina just had another moment with her self at that point .."iamnotsure" LOL
we started comforting her.. rina sat by the arm of my chair. and leaned on my shoulder like she always does. she started to be kinda fine once again LOL
after a few minutes she had an announcement in front of the class.
that the letter was denied the class started to scream . NOOOO!
then shinia said it's still pending . then a tiny light of hope shined upon us LOL
when suddenly mam. selfa arrived and told us that the reunion will be rescheduled. and every one started to be pissed off.
we slowly accpected the fact.
we started to pray the rosary then .. our room was blessed and we were allowed to go home now.
no one went home just by then . every one freaked !!
everyone was talking about the practicums and performance next week.
we would be having 4 days of weekend this time. but there is no joy in it.
we would be practicing all the time.

my schedule:
friday pm : make assigns. read book.
saturday am: to rinas house for practice TLE
sunday am: to lagao church with classmates and to our house for practice CLE
monday pm: to leannes house for practice FILIPINO
tuesday:hell comes to land !!

now thats what i call hectic.
we were so so so hungry, tired and pissed off.
we decided to ask maam heroine if she could move our practicum and she did she moved it to friday *MAPEH* LOL
one down many many more to go.
we decided to go to the canteen and eat as a group .
and there it was CLOSED
so we went out of the campus and to the karindirya ! LOL
cause of hunger we ate there almost 20 of us were there dining , hungrily.
for the first time as they say. . we ate there .. as a group LOL
after eating we went off our seprate ways. mark arlo's accompany went to there house .
shierra cubar and i went home
rina and leanne were left.

we were so tired!
and men that was friday whee in the disaster in a students life is coming to life.


thursday tiring gay day

i woke up dizzy today. maybe because i slept early yesterday?LOL
i prepared for going to school , and off i went
we started the day with the final morning collection.
we then had English. LOL
our topic for today was again all about nouns. our teacher once again prepared some activities.
she told us to group our selves into 4 and so we did. she also told us to get paper.
we wondered what was the activity ?
then she told us to write different nouns from the places she would say.
after a few rounds rina lanoy's group was leading
we had a bonus round where in if we would have the object that our teacher would say . we would be gaining points for our group.
she said " if you have this in the group your lucky!" then she said" watch!"
almost every group gained points except lysette oquendo's group.
so lysette drew a watch on a paper and wore it in her arm. LOL we kept on laughing.
when our teacher was about to write the points in the groups paper rina lanoy's paper was gone.
they were worried. they kept on looking for it
then our teacher said "a picture of your mother" luckily my group mate had one.
once again lysette oquendo's group didn't.
so she drew a female stick figure in a paper and told that that was her mother LOL we laughed and laughed again. i tried to look for rina's paper. when i noticed there was a paper by my side.
and luckly it was rina's .
we have so much fun during English period.
then we had our recess . we were memorizing some folk song for MAPEH that time.
we sang and played the rythm of the songs with our hand. we produced such a loud and fast sound that disturbed the third year class next to us. from the fun we had we forgot about them . LOL
we were sweating sweat. so we steadied the fan towards us. and put it back afterwards.
then we had AP.
our teacher had an activity that involves another action plan. wetried to finish it before the time but we didnt finsh it. and so it was served as an assign. she also told use to read 3 chapaters in our book. let me tell you again 3 men!.
thats not the worst part of it . after that , next meeting we would have a quiz!
afterwards we had our MAPEH. LOL so fun.
while we were waiting for our next teacher i became so hungry and ate a quake bar. i shared it with some of my class mates and the last part was supposed to be mine when suddenly rina lanoy pushed me and i dropped the LAST pieces of it. awww.
the most painful part of it is that i didnt bring my computer book! how dumb is that.!?
we had our computer subject then and had fun with sir. bernard
we created new paswords for our accounts this year.
then we had our lunch.
after lunch we spent 2 hours in making a collage. which we once again didnt finish.
it was hard for us not to have the picture's over lapping .
we also started voting rina lanoy for TANOD!
i became cranky cause of tiredness.
we went back to class and had a meeting.
another noisy meeting about our reunion this coming saturday.
we ended up with the same thing. hush.
then we had our practice for CLE.
it took an hour to practice and it didnt lead us to anything.
then leanne started playing with roselles hair.
we called her gu jun pyongit LOL
we had so much fun. some third years were running by the hall playing bagoongay.
we hanged out by the hallway after the practice.
had some doing in the CR.
and decorated the bulletin board.
rina and i was about to go to the gate when some third year sci curs greaated us and congratulated rina lanoy for winning for the position of TANOD!!! *PIO*
i congratulated her and sent all my condolences to her. she kept on screaming.
we had to check the results. while we were walking by the hall we passed by some 3rd years .
a boy named reven [?] came to rina and started talking to her . touching her hand and her back LOL. rina and i walked fast-er than normal walking.
we saw that rina was leading with 571 points.
it was a clear win. !
but nothing to be happy about. LOL
we went back to the classroom and told the news to some of our classmates.
then we went to the gate and went home.

that was one tiring gay thursday.

crazy english

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

during our english period, our teacher had an activity
she had a situation where in the world was about to end and we had a boat, and that we should save someone and something, whatever we could write in the paper within 1 minute would only be the people we could save .
our teacher asked some volunteers to read whom they saved.
lysette oquendo was one of those . she said that she would save her mom , dad but not her sister . cause her sister knows how to swim. LOL
and i wrote in the paper a computer as one of the things that i would save. *ill just order anything i want from the net .. by the end of the world PADELIVER ko lang. *
we kept on laughing.
our lesson was all about nouns.
and our teacher had another activity she let us gave a noun that starts with the letter that came last in the word given before*i did not under stand it* ex. i say boy- the next person after me says yak.
everyone was able to answer with in three seconds of full pressure except for rikka roi lysette and ariel .
they had to stay infront and answer twice to sitdown.
roi was the first to sit down. the score was 101 lysette was zero. LOL
then our teacher said give me a noun that could be found in the airport. lysette shouted AIRPLANE really really loudly. and jumped forward. we kept on laughing. our stomachs hurt.
then the score was 111 . then our teacher said give me a noun found in the kitchen. ariel answered Knife while lysette screamed Kaldero !! LOL
we kept on laughing . in the end lysette was the grand *loser of all* champions!!!

that was one crazy english .

wild wild wednesday

the morning was so cloudy today
i woke up around well. i dunno iamnotsure with the time anymore
they keep on changing the time at school
we started off science then had our recess
my classmate found some kittens by the nook so CUTE!!
we started to name them, the one was spotted the other one was orange.
at the end we named them ming ming ang mimingLOL
while looking at the kittens we were studying for filipino recitation
then we had TLE *so much fun compared to last year*
our teacher mam. Edith had a fascinating childhood
she said she use to have her pigtails way up high in all direction
she use to keep many candies in her pocket during her time she sat in front of the class and every time the teacher would move to the canter of the class she eats behind her teacher, when one time her teacher caught her eating a chocolate .
her teacher scolded her and guess what she said " mam gusto mo ?"
we kept on laughing ! this was totally different from last year
then we had math . SO brain bleed men .
then we had filipino. the whole class participated at the recitation.
we had a quiz in AP
then we had english LOL so fun
then we had our meeting de avance . (?) that was in FILIPINO language
we visited our first year adviser to talk about our coming reunion .
it was so windy back at the elementary building we visited our memorable CR. once again
then we had our first session for this year.
then we went home around 6.

today was one wildwild wednesday.

tuesday class

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

well the morning started off pretty sunny, well maybe too sunny indeed.
we had our assembly at the covered court that day. and it went fine.
our nurse a.k.a the white lady had something to tell about AH1N1 and dengue.
she taught us how to wash our hands the hardest way. she told us to sing happy birthday while washing our hands. one happy birthday song wont actually fit with that kind of washing of hands. maybe 2-3 happy birthday songs would do.
then we went back to our classroom and had the morning collection and as well sermon .
we are always told to clean before the bell. yet we don't. every single time. LOL
we also talked about where would we spend our class money last year and we decided to have a celebration at arnevels. *once again*
after lunch we had our CLE we stayed by the kiosk and *practiced raw* for a role play , but instead be kept on laughing and laughing and laughing .
then we had our ENGLISH . *so much fun*
a classmate of mine*beny bartolo* talked about the boy whom he loved.
from the beginning till the end the class kept on howling because we thought that the one he was talking about was his seatmate *billy sales* and somehow couple *daw* but it wasn't him it was his father who had the same characteristic with billy. short, likes red, sweet, and has a name which started with the letter B. we really had a blast.
after that we had our geom.
we always have resetation , but then i was called by my teahcer Sir. Neps.
guess what he misspronouned my name . chlo-bill , cho-bill, chew-bel. etc.
but luckily im used to those stuff and that i was able to answer CORRECTLY.
then the class finished and it started raining.

This is one fun tuesday class.

replay routine -thursday

Saturday, June 20, 2009

4:30 -alarm rings

5:30 -waking up *it takes me an hour to stand up*
5:35 -prepare things*i sometimes fall asleep without fixing my things*
5:45 -take a bath
6:00-dress up *takes me 20 min. to fix my hair*
6:30-eat breakfast*i usually eat 5-6 spoons only*
6:40- go to school*unwillingly go to school*
12:20-lunch*favorite period*
5:20-tambay*kain tayo isaw?*
6:00- go home

sorry if i'm kind of everywhere

my life is interaction through net
it completes my day.
even after a very hectic day from school going home around 6:00 i always spend time for my self.
visiting every website i'm into.

currently i'm on : plurk, twitter,facebook, crunchyroll and many more

so i say sorry if i'm kind of every where


Friday, June 12, 2009

This is one of the games i am addicted to . Its like a morning medicine during days with no class. It's insanely fun to catch and miss notes. most of the songs that could be played here are from american hits but last last week it hit the chart finally a OPM on Jamlegend .

New songs are added daily. This game has similarities with guitar hero, from the fact that you hit notes and stuff its still thrilling to play though it's only with guitar. They actually let you use guitar hero and rock band controllers.

why not try it .?

a little bit of something

Thursday, June 11, 2009

the name is chloebelle d. guinto born Nov. 21 1995 living at general santos with the age of 13 and 1 sibling. *thats the boring part of me*

always bored with my life though.
i assassinate boredom. in many ways.
and i hope for you this blog counts.

i could be found anywhere on the net
plurk.facebook.twitter.friendster.jamlegend.yahoomessenger.somewhere else.
and also here at blogspot.

i hope as you come with me in my journey, somehow you will enjoy. XD